Music video really helped us to promote the band and find a number of new contacts. We are very satisfied about work that Creartve made for us.

Bartosz Kryda (Dust n Brush),

The video for the song "Chce" perfectly illustrates the climate and the message of the song. We recommend all CreArtive group! They know their work, so in the future for sure we will come back to them!

Dariusz Bucki (Virus Ego),

Our music got wings after video premiere on the internet and television. Great atmosphere on the set moved on the screen. This is due to the guys from the group Creartive. Now you can watch our band not only on stage, but wherever you want. The video is best promotion of our music! Everything was done on 200% and fully professional!

Damian Kulej (Sierociniec),

Our offer

Are you looking for a complex production of advertising, music video or tv reportage? From concept through to production and edit. See what we can offer.

Sponsorship billboard

"Program was sponsored by the company X" - this is usually the content of the sponsor billboard (also called the sponsor's indication). In the opposite to the normal advertising, which is 30 seconds long, the billboard lasts only 8 seconds and must be different from the 30 second ad. It is an interesting alternative which in recent years has become very popular. The sponsor's billboard in such a short time must interest and focus the viewer's attention, which is why his message is often much more effective.

Music video

In modern times music video is the main promotional media for every artist or band. Big publishers know that without the "clip" no one can succeed. We are here for you to make a professional music video that will best promote your work. We have created several videos in a variety of styles, from rock and pop to metal. Professional music video is the best promotion of your music. We will help you in its creation.

Film advertising

Advertising is leveraged trade, we know that very well. We help your company create the best advertising film, which reaches directly to your customer. Prepare any audiovisual advertising, which will be presented your product in the best light and in a fresh and modern way of preserving the latest methods of film production. Please note that in this day and age, you can watch the ads everywhere: on the road, numerous screens, more and more airtime is devoted to advertising. In the mind of the consumer television advertising also has changed its face. Anyone with a modern mobile phone (smartphone) is actually bombarded with advertisements of any kind, especially the film variety. Portals such as YouTube or DailyMotion ads precede almost every movie that the audience is going to see. Advertising film is everywhere. We are here to create your.

TV reportage

A reportage will allow you to gain confidence and raise funds for the event. For those who participated in this event will leave a great souvenir. More importantly, in short, will present eg. a concert or event that you are the author. Want to show sponsors what their money is being spent? Send them a movie. Do you want to advertise next edition of the event? Show investors professional quality! We offer: - recording a reportage of the whole event - recording of interviews with selected persons - we will concentrate on a selected moments - emphasize selected sponsors (discrete product placement) With our help the viewer will have only positive memories.